Electronic Invoicing at Schneider Electric

6. December 2010

CCV eInvoicing solution has replaced original paperless communication form at Schneider Electric CZ. 95% of all customers were connected to the system of electronic invoicing within two months. Every month Schneider Electric sends them more than 2 and a half thousand of electronic invoices.

Schneider Electric makes use of 20 different types of tax certificates

In total almost 20 different types of tax certificates are now issued electronically as they have been incorporated into the customized solution, the part of which is also their archiving according to applying legislature. The issued invoices are also accessible to customers online through a web portal in PDF format and other data forms of choice.

"CCV eInvoicing solution covers completely the invoicing process while accentuating compliance with current legislature. The solution can also be used for credit notes, debit notes or deposit invoices. It is provided in a form of a service, so it can be implemented fast and expanded without any further unnecessary investments" adds Marek Stanovský, head of marketing in the CCV eBusiness division.

Minimal returns on investment is 3 and a half months

According to the current number of connected customers, the overall returns on investment to eInvoicing for Schneider Electric account to 3 and a half months. With further customer connection the period is expected to be eventually even shorter.

Jarmila Sovová, chief accountant at Schneider Electric CZ, adds: "Electronic invoicing brings not only substantial savings on invoice processing and postage, but also represents a huge economization of labour, less of a bother with archiving and improved documentation search possibilities. We are likely to save up to 10 man-days every month on paper invoice processing thanks to electronic invoicing. The reactions of our customers are also very positive."

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