EDI Orion® will be presented on the ERP forum 2008

18. December 2008

The possible hazards of EDI implementation into a functioning company information system and the benefits of the EDI Orion® solution will be presented to the visitors of Invex within the Monday program of ERP forum. The very theme of the first day are the limits and contributions of EDI. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and infrmation systems, is the title of the series of presentations on Monday 6th October (first professionals' day of the fair), in which Petr Kuchař, member of the executive committee of ABRA Software and the leader of the working group for data standards  and electronic invoicing in the SPIS cooperative together with David Reichel, manager of the eBusiness section of CCV Information systems, will present the approach of producers of ERP systems. The beginning of the series will be at 11 o'clock. The CCV Information Systems company, which is one of the absolute leaders in the field of provision of EDI services is the major partner of the conference.

The event on INVEX is an opportunity for meeting and exchange of information of a wider community of experts and advanced users of EDI solutions. More and more ERP system producers are concerned with the advantages of full integration with a comprehensive EDI service provider, which will ensure operation through outsourcing, which is on the market represented by advanced EDI ORION® solution.

"If the provider, with regards to his expertise, communicates the issues with the producer or the ERP implementator during the implementation and then in the following testing accounts for general requirements, the results will be broadly universifiable. Such process leads to the fact that any subsequent requirements on any new partner are likely to result in no ERP interference, since everything needed, including the implementation of special request features, is supplied and carried out by the EDI service provider." says David Reichel.

The implementaion of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for communication between suppliers and customers is becoming ever more required standard of service, in modern retail companies. Therefore the EDI solution in the given information system may play a vital role in the selection process of new information system or replacement of the older one in retail chain suppliers.

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