EDI ORION 2.0: range of new functions and significantly better performance

19. October 2009

We are entering the market with our new, improved version of the solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) and paperless communication EDI ORION 2.0. There is a newly inbuilt range of applications' innovations for further productivity increase of business and logistics processes and also several clever functions, such as e.g. agent for supervision of order reception, which also fulfils the function of disparity message. Amongst other new features of the ORION 2.0 solution it is important to mention not only the management of data boxes and various types of massages in individual diaries or broad application thanks to the support of all used formats for e-invoicing, but thanks to the reinforcing of archiving and transfer capacity also a significant betterment of its performance.

The solution can be understood as a comprehensive tool for electronic communication solutions precisely customized according to the client's needs, to whom it will bring widening of cooperation with their business partners, time and money savings, reliability and compatibility.

E-communication integration in the entire company

EDI ORION 2.0 ensures the conversion of all formats of business documentation, their structured formatting, legible transcription (e.g. PDF format), reception and sending with notifications about delivery and the follow-up administration of the web archive, all exclusively through secure channels. EDI ORION 2.0 enables companies to communicate with their domestic and foreign business partners electronically using single efficient and comprehensive solution that integrates advantages of supranational EDI standard, modern B2B communication, data boxes and at the same time serves as a clearing centre for pro e-invoicing. Customers thus use a single tool for all applied domains of e-communication, which on top of that archives the documentation, enables their management in individual diaries, easy search option, sending notifications about specified events and is independent on the format used. Users can moreover set which notifications they would like to receive and comfortably use the electronic signature.

With the solution EDI ORION 2.0 the customer gets an intelligent solution with above standard feedback possibilities with regards to the high-end applied technology. An important feature is also the system's affordability and swift implementation.

We convert and deliver up to a million individual messages each month

EDI ORION solution has already gained a significant support amongst our customers. Proven by the fact that the ORION services for electronic data interchange is employed by more than 700 companies in the Czech and Slovak republics, to whom it ensures electronic communication with their business partners not only in those countries but also all over the world, most frequently then in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Poland. We process thousands of pieces of different business documentation 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Each month, almost a million different messages to thousands of connected subjects is transcribed (from different EDI formats of the partners) and reliably delivered through the EDI ORION solution.

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