E-invoicing and reliable archive newly in OBI

3. December 2010

A selecting procedure for the exclusive supplier of paperless communication and provision of a trust-worthy electronic archive of business documentation in OBI ČR has been won by CCV Information systems, one of the biggest providers of electronic data interchange services (EDI) on the domestic market. CCV Information systems thus came to replace the hitherto contracted provider of those services - Telefónica O2.

The retail chain of 30 DIY stores OBI ČR thus completely passes over to the innovated EDI Orion solution. Parts of the solution include reliable archiving with the use of electronic signature and time stamps. Amongst the more challenging demands of the contracting authority is the successful completion of a reliability audit of the electronic archive carried out by KPMG. Support of latest coding algorithms for electronic signatures is a must. "I am glad that we have sucessfully fulfilled all the requirements of OBI ČR. I understand the final choice of our EDI Orion solution as a confirmation of its high standards and security“ says David Reichel, head of CCV eBusiness division.

Manual invoice processing takes 5 minutes, EDI can do it in 10 seconds

CCV Information systems ensures EDI invoicing and trust-worthy electronic archive of tax certificates for OBI ČR and its suppliers through comprehensive outsourcing, which brings about a range of benefits. Radka Havleová, head of invoicing department for OBI ČR, whose responsibilities also include coordination and management of EDI projects, confirms this: "For retail chains like us, which do businesses with hundreds of suppliers and have to send and receive thousands of documents every day, the benefits of EDI are visible immediately - EDI becomes a necessity. Every month we process around 32 thousand invoices, time and resource economies are substantial thanks to EDI. Troublefree and reliable operation of entire EDI system is therefore one of our priorities, since manual processing of an invoice takes up to 5 minutes, compared to 10 seconds needed for the processing of an electronic invoice.“

Amongst the factors that have contributed to the victory of CCV Information systems in the selecting procedure - apart from the solution design itself - was the leading position of the company on the domestic market in the domain of EDI services provision. This is confirmed by the fact that at the time of the selecting procedure CCV was providing those services (including WebEDI) to more than a half of OBI ČR's suppliers. The process of migration of all business partners of OBI ČR to the new EDI Orion solution was thus facilitated regardless of the one month deadline reserved for the task. Stefan Jass, IT manager for OBI ČR, adds: "Having specified the proceeding and schedule of the entire project, we carried out a migration of domestic and foreign suppliers to OBI ČR en masse. The priority was to finish the migration process within a month, so that the invoicing can be ensured by the EDI Orion solution as of the given date. We appreciated greatly the fact that all was achieved without slightest of complications and according to schedule.“

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