Download the new Pocket Sommelier app for iPhone!

22. November 2011

At the occasion of the Winegrowers' day and the arrival of St Martin's wine a new iPhone application has been made available for download to all friends of Moravian and Bohemian wine, its technical supplier is CCV Information systems. 

The Sommelier has an unambiguous ambition to become a useful application of everyday use in wine selection and consummation. The application has been developed in cooperation with prominent Czech sommeliers and will serve to its users as a smart guide while selecting and serving wine as well as for food pairing. It includes a detailed description of various wine varieties cultivated in Moravia and Bohemia. 

It is far from being a mere list of wine varieties and the description of their characteristics, however, the application also focuses on their optimum pairing with food ingredients and whole dishes or recommends the optimum way of serving. The consumers can access information according to individual wine varieties but also according to the meal, which wine goes best with dessert, poultry, red meat, salads, pasta or game.

It is the very first application of its kind in Czech language that serves as a practical guide for wine selection and pairing of Moravian and Bohemian wines, including this year's St Martin's wines.

The application was funded by the Winegrower's Association, and developed by CCV Information systems in cooperation with the Comtech agency, Wine institute and Inflex.

  • more information in the press release here (in Czech).

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