DATART fully launched EDI communication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

22. July 2015

Reducing costs associated with processing and archiving of tax documents, improving ordering service for contractors and eliminating errors caused by manual processing of documents; these represent just some of the objectives in the area of business documents exchange that DATART managed to achieve by introducing the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication from CCV Information Systems. 

DATART has initiated electronic data interchange with its suppliers in the last quarter of the last year through EDI messages Order (ORDERS), invoice (INVOIC) trading objection (COMDIS) and relevant confirmation messages.

In the first phase of the project, already during the first few months, more than 30% of suppliers got involved, representing over 60% of sent documents that have been converted into structured electronic documents, and the numbers are still increasing. 

Thanks to integration of EDI with enterprise information system of DATART (Microsoft Dynamics AX) not only the data is automatically transferred into the system, but also, processing of tax documents is simplified. The aim is a comprehensive processing of documents electronically.

The expansion of electronic communication will continue not only in terms of the number of connected suppliers, but also in terms of the number of used EDI messages. Digitalisation of other processes brings, above all, higher speed of transfer of documents, immediate feedback, elimination of errors and significantly reduces labor intensity.

In the near future, DATART plans to introduce an additional EDI message DESADV, which is the electronic equivalent of a delivery note. Owing to automatic transfer of data, the process of receipt of goods will be significantly improved. 

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