CRM Academy: Improve your working with customers

14. March 2016

An online customer care training that you can master easily in 5 weeks? With your headphones on, be inspired and extend your knowledge of CRM practices.

A new online course on customer care emphasizing CRM processes (Customer Relationship Management) is primarily aimed at sales and marketing directors. The training thus extends the already proven format which a company CCV Information Systems with its partners is successfully implementing in a classic lecture form. Last year, more than 200 people interested in these matters participated in it.

The new form of the training is more easily available and time flexible. Each participant adjusts the study to their time options. Simultaneously, it completely covers all the necessary areas regarding working with customers, getting feedback and correct setup of affiliated business and marketing processes.

CRM Academy comprises 5 comprehensive lessons delivered by experienced specialists from CCV Customer Services division. It also includes numerous practical examples which describe concretely the most common challenges that one can encounter in this field. During the course, participants will become familiar with numerous practical scenarios with the help of CRM system Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Upon completing a final examination, you will be awarded an additional certificate of academy graduation.

A series of video lectures that follow up in 5 weekly cycles will be available for undertaking anytime until September. Besides the final exam, a possibility of meeting in Prague headquarters of Microsoft Company for successful graduates is prepared, too.

Further details and registration into the online CRM Academy can be found at the address

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