CCV Warehouse managment newly also in ZKD Sušice logistics centre

18. January 2011

The Consumer cooperative of the West-Bohemian town Sušice has chosen a solution by CCV Information systems based on Microsoft Dynamics platform, in a selecting procedure, to be implemented as its new information system for logistics centre management.

The fundamental characteristic demanded from the new information system was that it would cover all logistics processes in a comprehensive and coherent manner. The state-of-the-art system for Warehouse management CCV Warehouse management makes us of online communicating mobile terminals for better management of item manipulation and storekeepers work. In the second phase the solution will be expanded by voice control to facilitate storekeepers' communication with the computer, which directs all the processes within the warehouse.

The implementation of a new system is connected to the project of modernization of the logistics centre ZKD Sušice, which is to supply more than 400 stores with foodstuffs and daily-use products.

Press release

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