CCV Warehouse management helps in Visimpex

19. October 2009

The high-end WMS (Warehouse Management system) solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform now covers all the warehouse management processes in Visimpex also offering the possibility of fully-automatic conduct.

CCV Warehouse management helps in Visimpex: facilitation, acceleration and perfection of business process with a significant improvement in error elimination

Half a year worth of experience with the CCV Warehouse management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics has been achieved in Visimpex, a company offering thousands of items of fastening materials with guaranteed quality and standardized packaging for salesmen, artisans, construction workers, specialized production lines and sophisticated production segments. Its logistics centre, with the capacity of 5000 warehouse items, is located in Přerov and is thus equipped not only with the latest technology but also a high-end information system. Amongst the most advantageous of innovations of the implemented solution for warehouse management (Warehouse Management Systems) are mainly the significant overall facilitation of warehouse processes and thus also the administration related to them, acceleration of goods' dispatching by 20% and absolute removal of secondary errors caused by the preparation of the goods and omissions by the workers of the warehouse including the complete prevention of damage caused by overloading.

More about the implementation of the CCV's Warehouse management solution in Visimpex can be found in this press release

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