CCV has gained Midmarket Solution Provider competency

21. March 2016

We have gained a new competency Silver Midmarket Solution Provider within a Microsoft’s partner programme. This has happened after completing a challenging training programme and a successful certification of our specialists together with proving established references.

By gaining this competency, we have proven and further strengthened our position in the SMB area (Small and Medium Business) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for delivering solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint applications.

Simultaneously, for our customers we have acquired new conditions for licencing Microsoft products and a higher level of product support which will allow us better efficiency when deploying and managing solutions based on cloud services Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

“The gained competency is a proof that we offer not only comprehensive solutions for large firms but also that we successfully deliver and extend the offer mainly of cloud services for the segment of middle-sized enterprises,” explained Martin Vokřál, a managing director of CCV Customer Services division.

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