Best app to take with you on a date? Wine Hero!

15. February 2015

Are you afraid to disappoint when ordering wine on a first date? Do you want to impress your partner with understanding of wine, and which meals it complements best?

You can easily do it with an app called Wine Hero, which was introduced to viewers of Czech TV Prima last weekend.  On the show ‘Applikace’, it was selected as one of the three ‘best applications to take with you on a first date’ :-)

What are the top three apps to have on your phone before your date according to the authors? First, to find a good restaurant, select FOURSQUARE. Do you want to impress with your selection of wine? Download the app WINE HERO, which will give you the best advice. How do you then choose romantic music for the evening? Download DEEZER. ‘It is especially appealing that Wino Hero will give all wine recommendations to complement your meal in Czech’, commented the popular show presenters Mikoláš Tuček and Iva Frühlingová.

The app Wine Hero is indeed available also in Czech and has currently reached over 4,000 downloads. The free version is merely a demonstration of its scope. The full version costs only 20 Czech Crowns and is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. In detail, it maps out 50 most famous varieties of wine from the whole world and dozens of complementary dishes. 

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With this app, compiled by top sommeliers, you will never again make a mistake when choosing a wine to accompany a dish. Moreover you will be able to select the right wine glasses and serve wine at an optimum temperature. 

To become a connoisseur of wine is not too difficult. See a live demonstration of how to gain understanding of wine with this app in this video.

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