Award-winning Business Intelligence solution makes its entry onto the Czech market

19. October 2009

We have carried out the instalation of a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution BI4Dynamics. The implementation occurred in a comany called GASTON, the biggest importer of canned food into Central and Eastern Europe, within the timeframe of a single day. BI4Dynamics is an internationally recognized managers' information system for Microsoft DynamicsTM.

CCV Information systems is a contract partner of the BI4Dynamics system producer (a slovenian company called NPS Group, the major supplier of Microsoft DynamicsTM to the Adriatic region) and the distributor of BI4Dynamics on Czech and Slovak markets.

Implementation of Business Intelligence in a single day

Our first ever implementation of this internationally recognized award-winning solution was carried out in June, in a company called GASTON, which imports canned food under its own brand "GIANA" to a range of European countries and at the same time is the exclusive representative of many prominent European food producing comapnies, which are supplied to the respective markets under the original brands. BI4Dynamics is a specialized Business Intelligence solution for ERP system of Microsoft DynamicsTM, which at the same time uses its integrated reporting and analysis tools. The shared core of both of the integrated systems is a common data vault. The whole implementation process was accomplished very swiftly, in the time frame of a single day, including its setting, data transfer and users' training. In the place of several months long preparations for a "freshly programmed" Business Inteligence project, GASTON acquired an affordable solution which brings new aded value to the company's management practically imediatelly.

The experience with the system, after two months of its use, is commented upon by Yvona Štěrbová, economic manager of GASTON: "Due

to our ability to distribute goods into around two tens of countries in

the area of Central and Eastern Europe we are constantly approached by

more and more producers with demands for distribution of their own

products. The improved efficiency of our work therefore means that we

are capable of better observation of the demand on the market and thus

eliminate redundant stock. It is therefore vital for our company to

have a perfect supervision over sales purchases and above all

the existing stock, which can be optimized if we are able to use

the correct and immediately accessible information about them."  She also adds: "The supplied BI4Dynamics

solution fulfils without exception all the criteria. All analysis are

clearly displayed in the well known environment of MS Excel and it is

therefore not necessary to open the ERP system to access it."

"Whole range of business systems is flooded with data which is

difficult to evaluate correctly by the key workers. This in fact poses

a certain risk in this volatile era. High-capacity analytical and

evaluative tools therefore constitute a comparative advantage.“

commented Alexandr Danovski, BI4Dynamics product manager in CCV

Information systems on the reasons for the implementation of the system

and adds: "The key advantage of BI4Dynamics is without a doubt its

price, which is significantly lower than with other comparable

solutions produced by other companies on the market, which at the same

time does not compromise any of the aspects of this high-end solution."

Data warehouse, data intelligence and analytical tool all-in-one

BI4Dynamics NAV is a high-capacity and comprehensive Business Intelligence solution a Microsoft platform,

which contains a data warehouse with business models, ETL processes for

acquiring the data from the database of the ERP system and its

transformation, OLAP cubes, automatic procedures for daily

actualization of the data and pre-prepared outputs in one of the most

used client's tools (Microsoft Office Excel, Cognos, Panorama

NovaView etc.). This solution is entirely open and enables adding of

modules with regards to the domains of user's interests. In its basic

version it covers the most used application domains of Microsoft

Dynamics NAV such as analysis of purchase, sale, stock, liability,

claims or major financial analysis.

BI4Dynamics is more of a business not a technological solution: "Managers

do not have to understand the OLAP technology or know how to programme.

Reports are easily created with the use of the so-called "drag and

drop" function," explains Danovski and adds: "To provide

the client with absolute certainty at the time of choice, they were

allowed to use the processing of the pilot project with the creation of

testing interface using the company's data."

BI4Dynamics was awarded as being the best Business Intelligence

solution in the region of Central and Eastern Europe on the Microsoft

Worldwide Partner Conference in 2008 in Houston.

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