Aktin increases performance of logistics processes by deploying managed warehouse LOKIA WMS

22. February 2019

6th February 2019, Brno – An online retailer of sports and healthy nutrition Aktin manages logistics using a warehouse software LOKIA WMS by CCV Information systems which has significantly helped to increase the productivity of logistics. That has enabled to improve customer services and among other things, handle the Christmas rush of customer requirements flexibly and reliably. The main benefits include total overview of stock availability and greater efficiency of warehouse workers. On top of that, the system automatically sends requirements and parcel information to carriers. 

The company Selltime operates under the Aktin brand not only a fitness magazine and an e-shop but also four stores in Prague and Brno. The growth of the company in the last year necessitated an investment into more powerful, faster and more precise logistics. Another requirement on the introduction of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) software was to increase the productivity of warehouse work. 

„We already had a system of bin addresses in the warehouse and the pickers used radiofrequency readers but the picking took place in a complicated manner according to papers which delayed the work of warehouse workers. The management of priorities stalled and was dependent on the manager. Today, the warehouse processes are managed using a WMS and all the requirements from orders are transmitted directly to terminals of warehouse workers,“ says Miroslav Králík, Chief Sales and Logistics Manager at Aktin.

Higher volume of logistics with fewer people

The deployment of the LOKIA WMS software had an immediate impact on reducing workload in the warehouse while improving the accuracy and clarity of all processes. Even though the number of warehouse staff dropped by more than a quarter to around twenty warehouse workers, they manage to get more work done than before. Already in the first 3 months after the launch of the system, Aktin dispatched, with the help of the system, more than 100 thousand orders, shipped 35 thousand parcels to customers and continued to increase this volume.

„Our work is very flexible, we store tens of thousands of items and the priorities are often changed by customer demands over the course of the day. An unprecedented test for us was the end of the year when the volume of parcels is usually multiplied but with the support of the system we had no problem flexibly covering the requirements of stores as well as direct customers,“ explains Králík.

A vast warehouse with healthy nutrition and fitness equipment products appreciates that the system improves the overview of the work of individual warehouse workers, or that it clearly displays an online inventory level on a graphical map of the warehouse. The acceleration of parcel and goods dispatch supports the management of requirements by order type and the machine sending of information about parcels to carriers. „For Aktin, we have deployed for the first time a module for automated aggregation of transport services with the Balíkobot partner application. The demanding handover of requirements was, thus, helped by the elimination of unnecessary paperwork, delays and errors in rewriting information for a carrier,“ adds Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of LOKIA WMS.

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