10. May 2016 Warehouse management system

Instant warehouse improves picking templates and mobile view

A solution for managing warehouses CCV Instant warehouse is coming with another version that includes numerous new improvements for a compact warehouse overview and quicker warehouse operations without errors. Distance from an...


10. May 2016 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Farmers, food producers and a retail about increasing effectiveness in relationships

Over 130 representatives of agricultural and food companies met with retailers at a traditional conference „Expected trends in food industry and agriculture“ that took place on 6th April in a hotel Holiday Inn in Brno. The...


11. April 2016 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Instant Payment: more than 1000 successful auctions

Instant payment extends its usage and in March reached another milestone, when it recorded more than 1 000 successful auctions without a single default. The service helps small and middle sized enterprises instantaneously pay...


20. March 2016 Trustworthy archiving, Electronic invoicing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORION Academy: Customer EDI training is under way

Another ORION EDI Academy user training took place earlier this week. Invitations were sent to customers using CCV Information Systems electronic data interchange and paperless invoicing services. Around 30 customer...


21. March 2016 Customer relationship management (CRM)

CCV has gained Midmarket Solution Provider competency

We have gained a new competency Silver Midmarket Solution Provider within a Microsoft’s partner programme. This has happened after completing a challenging training programme and a successful certification of our specialists...


14. March 2016 Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM Academy: Improve your working with customers

An online customer care training that you can master easily in 5 weeks? With your headphones on, be inspired and extend your knowledge of CRM practices. A new online course on customer care emphasizing CRM processes (Customer...


22. December 2015 Warehouse management system

ČSAD warehouse in Uherské Hradiště managed by WMS

Since November, the management of an external warehouse of ČSAD (the Czech national bus transport company) has been serviced through the CCV Warehouse Management solution developed by CCV Information Systems. ČSAD fulfils the...


1. December 2015

Sale of invoices on the internet is becoming reality

The domestic leader in the field of electronic data interchange, a tech company CCV Information Systems, acquired assets within a new successful start-up called Investment Auction in late November this year. Investment Auction...


22. July 2015 Electronic items´ listing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

DATART fully launched EDI communication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Reducing costs associated with processing and archiving of tax documents, improving ordering service for contractors and eliminating errors caused by manual processing of documents; these represent just some of the objectives in...


18. June 2015 Aktuality, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Retail News on the electronic exchange of EDI documents

The June issue of Retail News will feature a front page interview with David Reichel about the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) in retail.Electronic data interchange has become a necessity on the Czech retail market,...


1. June 2015 Warehouse management system

WMS to support warehouse management doors and frames manufacturer SEPOS

Company SEPOS initiated a process of implementing a new WMS system for its warehouse of finished and semi-finished products in Jihlava – Horní Kosovo. The value lies not only in paperless management of logistic processes, but...


4. May 2015 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Alza introduces electronic data interchange (EDI)

The biggest Czech online retailer fully launched the process of introducing electronic communication EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for more efficient exchange of business documents with its suppliers. In addition to...


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