2017: starring, CRM and customer retention

6. February 2017

Technologies have nowadays become an absolutely essential foundation for any business. For start-ups, they allow to assert themselves, for established companies to grow further. The key to success is, however, not only the choice of suitable technologies but mainly correct and effective usage of information that companies possess thanks to them.

While obtaining, choosing and interpreting them, literally undreamed of possibilities unveil before the eyes of the management. Competition on the market is huge and every detail matters. That's one of the reasons why companies try various ways to interest their customer and to withstand the tough competition. 2017, therefore, will be a year of customer retention. The key technology that can help the most in this struggle, according to the research of Gleanster, is, then, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

If companies on the current market want to succeed, there is no other way than to focus on their customer as much as possible, to improve the services provided to them to the maximum extent and to adjust to it their marketing activities, from introducing personalised messages to marketing automation.

On the side of the sales, the knowledge of the customer and the overview of all the mutual communication will matter. In the area of customer care, then, one should not forget about the important role of the service department that receives customer requirements and stimuli. These go back to the marketing and sales departments and open new opportunities for further cooperation with the customer. 

The ideal tool that gathers all the information about the customer, including the realized and planned activities, may be the already mentioned CRM system. Gleanster has recently published results of a research where the most successful B2B companies share their experiences, which technologies they use for acquisition and retention of a customer (Rethinking the Role of Marketing, 2015).

As for the customer retention, this requirement is unequivocally best satisfied by CRM systems, in a full 99 % of cases. The reason is the fact that CRM systems enable a truly 360° perspective on customer and are, thus, an excellent tool for retaining them. Other often used tools are, according to the research, e-mail marketing and marketing automation. However, it should be noted that both of these marketing technologies can be part of a CRM system and particularly in one package represent an indispensable tool for getting the perfect overview of the customer.


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