15. January 2019

Suppliers of wiring materials switch to electronic document interchange

3. 1. 2019, Brno – The supply chain with wiring and electric products has become another segment that is switching to automation of processing of business documents using standard format for structured data interchange (EDI). The...


10. December 2018 Warehouse management system

WMS software in a single day or tailored?

„Each month we deploy at least one new implementation of WMS," reveals Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of LOKIA WMS, in an interview in the new issue of Computerworld magazine. What trends in warehouse management systems do you...


7. December 2018 Warehouse management system

Instant warehouse is dead. Long live LOKIA WMS!

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! As of 15 November 2018, we upgraded the last client of Instant warehouse to a new warehouse solution LOKIA WMS that fully took over cloud “reigning” in customer warehouses. The warehouse system LOKIA...


15. October 2018

ORION Invoice Flow opens up a new dimension of accounts payable automation

A new technological service for automating receipt of invoices and facilitating processing of documents as well as their trustworthy archiving after being posted in enterprise information system – that’s what a novelty ORION...


25. May 2018

ISAN Radiátory serves its customers better by deploying a CRM system

ISAN Radiátory, a producer of bathroom and designer heaters in Czech Republic, has deployed a CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the aim to improve the quality of customer care. The chosen solution from CCV Information...


17. May 2018

EDI in Tamda Foods saves hours during receipt of one delivery of goods

Food and dry goods wholesaler Tamda Foods has become another local chain store with fast moving consumer goods that has switched to fully electronic and automated processing of business documents using the EDI standard. The...


12. March 2018 Warehouse management system, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

E-shop summit brings ORION, LOKIA and other tools for e-shoppers

The biggest Czech professional conference for online retailers is held this year on 16 – 17 March at Holešovice Exhibition Grounds in Prague. Visitors can enjoy an original and professional content full of practice in more than...


6. September 2017

Lokia WMS for managing warehouses brings easy deployment and significant savings in logistics

Brno, 6th September 2017 – CCV Information systems is coming with a new software solution for managing warehouses. The novelty is being launched on the market as LOKIA WMS. In particular, it may boast effective management of...


16. August 2017

Nestlé can automatically process PDF orders using PDF2EDI service

Brno, 8th June 2017 – Nestlé, together with its customers, uses electronic data interchange EDI in structured data for their paperless and automatic processing. However, EDI communication is not yet used by all customers. With...


30. November 2017

Stating prices in EDI orders has penetrated retail market and newly spread among e-shops

Stating purchase prices in electronic orders towards retail suppliers is becoming an established practice also in the Czech Republic. This novelty in electronic document interchange (EDI) has launched with its suppliers a leading...


21. February 2017 Warehouse management system

How to do flawless and fast stocktaking?

Have you finished with checking inventory levels and it did not go the way you wanted? Or is it still just waiting for you? Planned stocktaking brings about temporary changes in the operation and sometimes even surprising...


6. February 2017 Customer relationship management (CRM)

2017: starring, CRM and customer retention

Technologies have nowadays become an absolutely essential foundation for any business. For start-ups, they allow to assert themselves, for established companies to grow further. The key to success is, however, not only the choice...


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