3. January 2022 Warehouse management system

Track Orders after Handing them over to Carrier Thanks to LOKiA WMS and Foxdeli Integration

E-commerce companies can now connect their warehouse management systém (WMS) with an application which communicates with carriers. By doing so, they gain control over their orders even after they have been dispatched. Thanks to...


11. November 2021 Business Processes Automation

Why Do Some Accountants Resist Automation?

Junior accountants and invoice clerks are still sometimes forced to spend a large portion of their working hours doing routine tasks with limited added value – manual transcribing of documents into the accounting system,...


26. October 2021 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORiON EDI Is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary: From Closet with 3 Computers All the Way up to Thousands of Companies

Our system for electronic data interchange, ORiON EDI, has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. And although it is now accelerating the electronic data interchange for thousands of companies including some of the big...


11. November 2021 Aktuality

Lubomír Veselý becomes new CEO of GRiT

On 1 October 2021, our former Business Director (CSO), Lubomír Veselý, was promoted to the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The departing director and co-owner Dalibor Damborský is going to be part of the Board of...


21. September 2021 Business Processes Automation

The labor market suffers, missing employees can be replaced by automation

The Czech labor market lacks a record 363,000 employees, the most in history. Many industries are struggling with a shortage of employees, but the situation is worst, especially in construction and industry. Travel restrictions...


11. August 2021 Business Processes Automation

How will you tame the red tape as the number of your orders and invoices increases?

Each growing company will one day reach its „breaking point“ when it can no longer keep up with the administration or routine tasks connected to order and document processing, all of which may end up costing it tens or hundreds...


9. August 2021 Warehouse management system

Not One Extra Step. Use WMS to Streamline Warehouse Keepers‘ Movements

Even if you happen to have a relatively small warehouse and highly experienced warehouse keepers, it is not humanly possible for them to pick orders with 100% efficiency and without making any errors. While picking items from the...


1. July 2021 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORiON and iNVOiCE FLOW Migration to AWS: What This Means

Currently, our ORiON platform, which also ensures the running of our iNVOiCE FLOW solution, transfers over 3 million documents every month. This volume of data keeps growing, and so are the possibilities of cloud technologies....


24. June 2021 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Data security in GRiT: we encrypt and move to the cloud from Amazon

Our solutions for the electronic exchange of documents transfer over 3 million business and logistics documents per month, which are sent to each other by thousands of companies. Deliveries of goods depend on these documents, and...


22. June 2021 Electronic invoicing

Artificial intelligence even in small businesses

Artificial intelligence, digitalization, and automation are increasingly gaining their place even with smaller companies that considered it expensive or untraceable. IT company from Brno can be a proof of this – MoroSystems,...


9. June 2021 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Albert facilitates paperless accounting communication to small suppliers

The largest Czech chain Albert saved 2 million CZK per year in accounting thanks to a new portal that allows electronic exchange of documents and reduces the cost of printed communication. GRiT, which developed the albert web app...


4. May 2021 Aktuality

No more doubts: Survey reveals how digitalisation makes it easier for businesses to work

The aim of the survey, which took place during March, was to analyze the main benefits of digitization and automation in Czech companies. Companies consider the acceleration and simplification of work (49%) to be the greatest...


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