27. January 2021 Business Processes Automation

Comprehensive Overview of Product Innovations for the Year 2020

Roger has a new mobile app as well as the support of Komerèní banka, iNVOiCE FLOW can now read and extract invoice line items, LOKiA offers a more advanced registration of handling units and gradual order fulfillment, and the...


12. January 2021 Business Processes Automation

The winner of the 2020 EDIZone award is Henkel thanks to its joint effort with Lidl at digitizing their invoicing process

The end of year 2020 marked the tenth edition of the EDIZone portal’s competition, which grants awards for projects in the field of commercial and logistical process automation. The winner was the company Henkel, which, thanks to...


26. November 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Pilulka Pharmacy closes paper invoices and orders, all electronically only

The pharmacy Pilulka said it's the end of paper invoices or orders, as a technology guru on the pharmaceutical market, introduced the electronic exchange of EDI and PDK documents with its suppliers. It now has 90% of involved...


4. November 2020 Electronic invoicing

Automatic processing of invoices in the company Fri-Service, saving not only your own work, but also an external accounting firm

Fri-Service Czech is a company engaged in projects, supplies and service of refrigeration, freezing and slicing machines for retail and gastronomy. It now uses the iNVOiCE FLOW tool for automatic processing of received...


29. October 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is growing in the e-commerce market: for some e-shops it is a competitive advantage, for others it is a necessity

E-commerce entrepreneurs have to deal with challenges such as sudden increase in orders during Christmas or Black Friday, increasing returns or communication with tens to hundreds of suppliers. Therefore, large Czech e-shops were...


15. October 2020 Business Processes Automation

How to Succeed in a Competitive E-shop Market? Automating Routine Tasks Is a Good Start

Czech and global e-commerce market grows at a double-digit rate every year and today it accounts for approximately 15% of overall retail turnover. What is more, experts agree that the coronavirus crisis will further increase the...


6. October 2020 Business Processes Automation

Mistakes in business processes? Observe the warning signals

Probably every company encounters process errors to some extent, they are manifested mainly by the inefficiency of all possible areas of operation. Mistakes unnecessarily add work to employees, duplicate activities and are a...


29. September 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Do you do Business in FMCG? Then you really need EDI today

Doing business in the FAST MOVING CONSUMER GOODS (FMCG) segment places high demands on purchasing processes, logistics and cash flow. That is why EDI – a standardized system for electronic (and mostly automated) document exchange...


24. September 2020 Warehouse management system

The end of manual rewriting and confused warehouse workers: get to know the basic processes in a controlled warehouse

Once you have hundreds of items in stock, you can no longer remember everything or write to Excel. At such a moment, you need a controlled warehouse. To let you know what awaits you, we have written for you how the basic...


16. September 2020 Business Processes Automation

What do companies fear the most when transitioning to the cloud and what worries them the least?

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies use the cloud – in particular for data backup and e-mail communication. Entire business infrastructures can be found in the cloud, so it is no wonder that a company transition to the cloud...


18. August 2020 Business Processes Automation

Unnecessary Processing Errors Which Cost Companies Tens of Thousands of Crowns. Do You Make Them Too?

Lengthy processing of documents, dealing with invoices after their due date or delays in merchandise stocking. A lot of companies are slowed down by small processing errors and imperfections which may appear insignificant at...


7. August 2020 Electronic invoicing

FAQ: Answering Your Most Frequent Questions about iNVOiCE FLOW

We have put together your most frequent questions regarding tools for iNVOiCE FLOW automation of received invoices and written our answers to them. Would you like to know more about pricing, the number of users or invoice...


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