20. November 2019 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORiON EDI for Hungarian Rohlik.cz

Beginning in December, company Rohlik.cz is going to start operating also on the Hungarian market. Currently, this leading online food retailer has 550 suppliers in the Czech Republic, out of which 80 % already use ORiON EDI. The...


16. October 2019 Electronic invoicing

3E PROJEKT saved two job positions thanks to iNVOiCE FLOW

Ostrava-based company 3E Projekt with 160 employees has started using the Invoice Flow cloud service developed by Grit. The service enables the automated processing of received overhead and service invoices. Thanks to the...


12. September 2019 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI gains ground among pharmaceutical wholesalers

Hospitals, pharmacies and drug suppliers in the Czech Republic are more likely to use the format PDK (PharmData code) for electronic communication. However, owing to the market development and changes in the marketplace,...


26. August 2019 Warehouse management system

Have you got the system POHODA? Improve the warehouse management in it with the help of LOKiA WMS

Accounting and economic system POHODA from STORMWARE s.r.o. is one of the most popular enterprise systems in the Czech Republic. Moreover, you can easily extend it with LOKiA WMS – an advanced warehouse solution that will improve...


16. July 2019 Electronic invoicing

You can now upload attachments to received invoices in iNVOiCE FLOW

Certainly, you already know it. You get an invoice from a vendor and you don’t know exactly what is included in the invoice. And now you have to look for reports, service sheets, delivery notes or photo documentation all over, so...


19. June 2019 Aktuality

Current trends in Czech cloud

"Try the cloud after all", invites Czech companies CSO Lubomír Veselý in the interview for Business World. Today’s times require rapid changes and responses to customer requirements, thus, need to be truly flexible. This trend...


28. May 2019 Aktuality

We have renamed to GRiT: what it means and where we are heading

One era ends, another one begins. The name CCV Information systems has served us well over the years. In the end, we have grown out of it and have chosen a new one – GRiT. What does it mean, what other news are we preparing and...


24. May 2019 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORiON EDI ranked in the TOP 20 most popular EDI software worldwide

The worldwide Internet search site Capterra, owned by Gartner, compiles a list of the most popular IT products in many segments each year. In the current TOP 20 most popular EDI software ranking, you will also find our ORiON EDI...


17. April 2019 Aktuality

Jan Škerle and Lubomír Veselý join CCV’s Board of Directors

The Czech company CCV Information systems, that delivers software for retail and logistics, has expanded its top management. Jan Škerle has become the new COO (Chief Operations Officer), Lubomír Veselý the new CSO (Chief Sales...


6. February 2019 Warehouse management system

Aktin increases performance of logistics processes by deploying managed warehouse LOKIA WMS

An online retailer of sports and healthy nutrition Aktin manages logistics using a warehouse software LOKIA WMS by CCV Information systems which has significantly helped to increase the productivity of logistics. That has enabled...


7. February 2019 Warehouse management system

Warehouse solution LOKIA WMS is the finalist of IT Product of 2019

At this year’s prestigious competition IT Product of the Year, the warehouse solution LOKIA WMS, developed by CCV Information systems has become one of the finalists. The quality and reliability of this solution is thus not only...


10. December 2018 Warehouse management system

WMS software in a single day or tailored?

„Each month we deploy at least one new implementation of WMS," reveals Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of LOKIA WMS, in an interview in the new issue of Computerworld magazine. What trends in warehouse management systems do you...


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