29. October 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is growing in the e-commerce market: for some e-shops it is a competitive advantage, for others it is a necessity

E-commerce entrepreneurs have to deal with challenges such as sudden increase in orders during Christmas or Black Friday, increasing returns or communication with tens to hundreds of suppliers. Therefore, large Czech e-shops were...


29. September 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Do you do Business in FMCG? Then you really need EDI today

Doing business in the FAST MOVING CONSUMER GOODS (FMCG) segment places high demands on purchasing processes, logistics and cash flow. That is why EDI – a standardized system for electronic (and mostly automated) document exchange...


24. September 2020 Warehouse management system

The end of manual rewriting and confused warehouse workers: get to know the basic processes in a controlled warehouse

Once you have hundreds of items in stock, you can no longer remember everything or write to Excel. At such a moment, you need a controlled warehouse. To let you know what awaits you, we have written for you how the basic...


18. August 2020 Business Processes Automation

Unnecessary Processing Errors Which Cost Companies Tens of Thousands of Crowns. Do You Make Them Too?

Lengthy processing of documents, dealing with invoices after their due date or delays in merchandise stocking. A lot of companies are slowed down by small processing errors and imperfections which may appear insignificant at...


7. August 2020 Electronic invoicing

FAQ: Answering Your Most Frequent Questions about iNVOiCE FLOW

We have put together your most frequent questions regarding tools for iNVOiCE FLOW automation of received invoices and written our answers to them. Would you like to know more about pricing, the number of users or invoice...


4. August 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange Now at Exisport

PPG Group has recently started introducing electronically structured messages for receiving and sending orders, delivery notes and invoices using EDI communication. The company owns stores such as Exisport and Puma and is...


26. June 2020 Electronic invoicing

Purchasing process automation at Parfumerie Douglas

Parfumerie Douglas, as a pioneer customer of the cloud service for automated purchasing from company GRiT, is now, starting in June, able to correct overpriced purchases and make use of missing information regarding budget...


28. April 2020 Electronic invoicing

At Smart Comp., Invoices Are Processed by Artificial Intelligence

Smart Comp., provider of the internet connection Netbox and internet TV Kuki in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has recently joined the ranks of companies using the iNVOiCE FLOW system, which facilitates the processing and...


9. April 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Henkel Continues with the Electronic Data Interchange, Now Also with Lidl

The company Henkel and the chain of supermarkets Lidl are now communicating with each other via EDI. They have already begun exchanging invoices using electronically structured messages, and will soon follow suit with orders,...


3. April 2020 Business Processes Automation

Cloud Services Help Companies Get Through the State of Emergency

According to current surveys, approximately one third of working Czechs are working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Then there are companies that could, given the nature of their work, also make the switch to...


27. February 2020 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

When Is Payment by Roger a Better Deal Than Factoring?

Payment by Roger has been helping hundreds of our customers with the priority clearing of their accounts receivable. Since the beginning, it has been the best fit primarily for small suppliers, often without a long business...


17. February 2020 Electronic invoicing

Interview: Accountant of the Year 2019 Uses Both iNVOiCE FLOW and ORiON

This year‘s winner of the competition Accountant of the Year 2019, which is organized under the tutelage of the Chamber of Certified Accountants and the Union of Accountans of the Czech Republic, is Renáta Pavičová from the...


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