Industrial CRM solution for manufacturing companies

Customer relationship management system (under English abbreviation CRM) is a solution that helps increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing. It is tools and applications that in their combination bring a useful insight into key customer processes – extending customer portfolio and making sales, customer campaigns, marketing events or service and customer services more effective.

You can be assured that a good CRM solution will fulfil all the needs of your salespersons and marketing employees. However, you need much more.

Which other departments will benefit from CRM?

Product managers

Management of quality

Production manager

Personnel Department

Purchasing Department

Practical tips for manufacturing companies

Do you know what the end user and not your B2B partner thinks of the product?

Collection of information from the market can be systematic, yet automated. With the help of CCV Questionnaires – add-on solution for a CRM system that enables addressing end customers, you can get answers to your questions.

Offer interaction with your products with a touch. Create mobile applications for end customers and increase their loyalty towards your brand and get key data for extending end buyers. Mobile application CCV belongs to successful marketing tools of numerous customers – COOP Morava, COOP Centrum, Globus Czech Republic, Svaz vinařů  and others.

And do you know what the customers say about your products on Facebook? If you want to achieve a truly significant improvement in your relationships with customers, we offer a possibility of getting their incentives directly from social networks. Thanks to the service Microsoft Social Engagement (formerly Microsoft Social Listening) and the choice of keywords, you will thus have a chance to influence the opinions of your customers’ friends as well.

Are you producing with a sophisticated technique that needs regular maintenance and care?

Providing professional service increases the loyalty of customers. CRM enables to manage service resources like technicians, automobiles, toolboxes or specialised machines. Offer your services to customers – you will increase their satisfaction with your products, loyalty and you will even make a profit on the service team when you are able to utilize it fully using CRM.

The system independently suggests available dates and enables to offer your services to customers before the dates of regular checks automatically. Provide professional care for your partners.

Integration with manufacturing systems (MES) and document management systems (DMS)

The interconnection of manufacturing execution systems and CRM increases the effectiveness in production, purchase and, of course, sales. The key focus of CRM on the areas of sales, marketing and customer services constitute support to those processes that your MES is not focused on. Many manufacturing companies additionally record in CRM business cases from their creation to issuing an invoice.

The management of the company thus always has an overview of which phase each order is in. If they are interested in the details, they've got all the information in one place – mainly the important communication of employees with business partners. Owing to the integration of CRM with systems for storing documents (DMS) it is, thus, very easy to get even to the documentation from an engineer, to a proposal and a design or to project documentation with one click.

Possibilities of integration

We are delivering also other systems, capable of interconnection with CRM: