Gain new customers with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution. It focuses on finding new customers, developing relationships with current ones, and on services related to business profitability. It improves customer care across different departments of a company and helps to satisfy customer needs throughout whole life cycle of sales orders.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consists of the following modules:

Sales: sales and sale cycle processes support: There is also a function for creating and quantifying high quality sales forecasts, cultivation and qualification of business opportunities, orders and offers' management etc.

Marketing: Tools for creating a marketing mix: There is a function for data clearing and thorough customers' segmentation, comprehensive marketing campaigns, expenses and budgets management as well as transparent sets and analysis, activities' evaluation, potentially their transfer into business opportunities etc.

Services (customer services): automation of service processes through comprehensive functions for service cases administration and resolution. It contains a tool that automatically sends a service demand, history, shared knowledge database, real-time reports, or any other information about the availability of an employee etc. to the appropriate person.

CRM used by employees

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated with Microsoft Outlook application. This connection to Microsoft Office enables users to work in a very familiar environment. Alternatively, web client can be used.

Information available everywhere

One of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s strong sides is a professional management of all customer information. Thanks to a mobile and offline access, it can be done from absolutely anywhere.

Advanced tools without necessary IT interventions

In addition to basic modules Microsoft Dynamics CRM also contains a number of tools for analyses and creating and managing work procedures – workflow.

Users can add new work procedures (workflow) and reports without the help of an IT department thanks to intuitive guides. Setting detailed user rights, roles and managing teams is only natural.

Wide range of customization possibilities

Each sector and organization has its specificities. For the CRM system to work correctly it is therefore necessary that it was adapted to the real business processes of a company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a wide range of possibilities of the modification/customization of the CRM solution. Adapting some parts of the application is so easy that it can be done by its very users with appropriate access rights.

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