How BI4Dynamics works

Care, experience and professional integration

CCV Information systems Company became a contractual partner of NPS Group manufacturer and a distributor of BI4Dynamics solution on the Czech and Slovak market at the end of 2008. The first installations of BI4Dynamics soon followed.

The provided solution (managerial information system – MIS) cooperates closely with Microsoft Dynamics, however, it’s not its integral component. The advantage of such a solution is mainly the possibility of more sophisticated „tuning“ of working with data from the information system toward MIS. How does it work technologically?

Data warehousing is the key

The mutual „heart“ of both systems is a joint data warehouse. Most experts perceive it as the best infrastructure for the support of strategic initiatives. The data warehouse enables an integration of various information and historical data that can be analysed basically from any view. For the sake of decision making, you can consequently create a system of providing records and compact information across all data from the whole company. Data warehouses are designated mainly for data analyses and report creation from the data in ERP system.

Business reporting for business users

BI4Dynamics is a business and not technological solution. Business users and analysts don’t have to understand OLAP technology or have programming knowledge. Reports can be easily created with the help of so called "drag and drop" function. The solution is applicable equally well in small, medium-sized and large companies in almost any industrial branch.

Pic. Illustration of a dashboard – analysis and management of inventory

Technical information

Database and Microsoft DynamicsTM are compatible with:

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