Trustworthy electronic archive 

ORiON trustworthy electronic archive is used for long-term archiving of electronic documents and organisation of their content. ORiON eArchive ensures data security and allows to prove the origin and authenticity of original electronic documents. It prevents loss and unauthorized access to archived documents.

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Why archive documents electronically

Protection of documents and assurance of their origin and authenticity

ORiON trustworthy electronic archive helps to comply with statutory deadlines and guarantees the origin and integrity of messages, thanks to the electronic signature, it remains in accordance with the VAT Act governing the form and appearance of electronic tax documents as well as the Electronic Signatures Act.

What can ORiON eArchive doArchív

E-documents in a safe place

ORiON trustworthy electronic archive can be used either as a service (SaaS – Software as a Service), whereby documents are stored in a highly secure centre, or ‘on-premises’, whereby documents are archived on a platform chosen by a customer, with an option for upgrading services for management and control of documents (DMS – Document Management Systems).

Why is it important to archive in an electronic format?

Electronic documents, unlike paper ones, reduce administration demands for users and enable faster processing, better accessibility and at the same time have lower demands on space capacity of a company. 

Both with paper documents and the electronic ones, there is an objective need of every organisation for long-term documents archiving for the purpose of recording their origin and authenticity

The requirement for preservation of unquestionable authenticity and origin of electronic documents is determined by legislation, in particular by the Act no. 227/2000 (Statute Book) governing electronic signature in its latter clauses. 

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