SSCC for a delivery note (pallet delivery note)

Do you need to make your logistics processes more effective or quicker or does your buyer directly require labelling deliveries with SSCC codes? An easy and quick solution is putting into practice an extending service SSCC for a delivery note directly in the ORiON EDI application. 

Advantages of introducing electronic delivery notes (DESADV) with identification of pallets through SSCC codes:  SSCC

The benefit for the buyer is, then, acceleration of receipt and storing goods by approximately 30 %. The whole logistics unit is loaded using a single “beep” (scanning a bar code by a scanner), without needing to unpack it.

What is SSCC code and what is it good for?

SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) represents an 18-digit number for the identification of logistics units. SSCC number is “put” into a bar code of type GS1-128 (formerly EAN-128), from which it can be easily read by a scanner. It serves to identify specific logistics units when manipulating and passing goods through a supply chain.

Two steps how to start sending DESADV with SSCC codes

  1. The first step on the supplier’s side is launching sending messages DESADV (delivery notes). This will be taken care of by the supplier’s EDI provider.
  2. As soon as sending DESADV is possible, it is necessary to add the mentioned SSCC codes. If you put into operation the service SSCC for delivery note, it will be allowed directly by the solution ORiON EDI or it is possible to use for free, e.g. an online service

    The whole process is, then, thanks to EDI, very easy. The supplier receives an electronic order of goods (ORDERS). With one click, they change it to an electronic delivery note (DESADV). They generate pallet labels with SSCC codes and afterwards, easily assign to them package counts in the ORiON EDI application by drag and drop based on how and on how many pallets the goods will be prepared. They print the labels out and mark the pallets with them. The electronic delivery note is sent to the buyer so they can prepare for the receipt of the goods in advance.

    Get a label for your pallet in few seconds

    Tip: Create a pallet label with SSCC code for free on