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Roger Payment: immediate money for invoices

Are you worried about long maturity of invoices? With the service Roger Payment, you will be paid in 3 days. Get it activated for free in the ORiON interface.

I want money for invoices in 3 days

Who is Roger?

Payment institution Roger a.s., operating the service Payment by Roger is the largest online marketplace with invoices in Central Europe. Hundreds of companies already rely on the acceleration of cash flow by Roger. Roger is a company verified by the Czech national bank. In 2020, Roger merged with one of the largest players in the banking market – Komerční bankaSince 2013, invoices of more than 220 000 000 EUR in value have been refinanced.

Roger – a company verified by the Czech national bank

Since 2013, invoices of more than 220 000 000 EUR in value have been refinanced

More about Roger

Cash flow acceleration in 3 steps:

1. We will offer you the best

  Based on customer size and maturity,
we will offer you the best terms.

2. You will set the parameters
of financing

  In the ORiON interface, you will set
for each individual customer the range
of invoices that you want to finance.

3. Money in your account
in 3 days

 You will get 75 % of the value of
the invoice in 3 days. The remaining
25 % after payment by customer.

How does it work?

Roger Payment is a service that can process and finance electronic invoices in the EDI format. GRiT is the provider of EDI communication, Roger ensures the administration and financing of invoices before maturity. In the ORiON EDI, you just have to choose the customers that you want to finance – these invoices will be processed by Roger automatically and in three days, it will send you the money to your account. All of that online and without needing to guarantee minimum volumes.


I want to try it


In the ORiON interface, you will
set which invoices you want to
finance. You will save time and
unnecessary administration.



The handover and archiving of
documents takes place through
the ORiON interface.
The information about your
business cases is thus constantly



Thanks to the electronic document
interchange, the whole process of
financing is fast. The money will be
in your account in 3 days.


Without bureaucracy

The activation and the following
process of financing takes place
online. As soon as you set up
the service for the first time,
invoices will be sent automatically.

Price and terms

The price as well as all other
terms are known beforehand.
There will be no hidden
fees or footnotes.



You can use the Payment by Roger
according to the current needs.
When it doesn’t suit you, you can
turn it off with one click.

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