Are your goods really in stores of buyers?

Are you unnecessarily losing sales because there is an insufficient inventory level at stores or warehouses of your buyers? 

Are you expending resources of sales representatives or even of a merchandise agency on controlling the inventory levels of your products in the customer network?

Have you got no clue even where and in what quantity your goods are available?

Thanks to ORiON Inventory report service, you have a possibility not only to evaluate a specific sales action or promo-offer but also to use the information about stores and inventory levels for supervision of your goods at buyers even down to the level of individual stores.

A watchdog of shortages of goods as an email notification

Thanks to an email notification, you can learn about shortages of goods at stores and warehouses almost instantly. Thus, it is possible to react faster and begin seeing to the availability of goods at once. During periods of promo-actions, it's a particularly useful helper and a loyal friend. 

As soon as your goods are not available in a store's warehouse for more than 3 days, Watchdog will notify you by email. 

Email notification content

We are only watching what you really need

In the email, you won't find:

  • Goods that haven't been sold for more than a week and therefore probably isn't the goods which should be actively offered, even though it is listed at the given buyer (e.g. seasonal goods, scrapped items, etc.).

Sending email notifications about shortages of goods can be set up for individual buyers. The notifications, thus, can be set up for your team of sales representatives always according to a specific buyer.

Directly from the email notification, you can click through to the detail of specific problematic goods and view the inventory development and the history of shortages. 


Přehled výpadků zásob - ORION Inventory report