Make use of extraction of data from documents in PDF 

To whom the service is intended

ORiON PDF2EDI is a service intended for all vendors that use EDI and would like to use an effective way of data transmission also for customers, whose orders do not arrive in structured electronic format but by e-mail in PDF.

Advise with implementation of PDF2EDI

The service can also be used by customers of other EDI providers. In such case, ORION (a solution for electronic data interchange from GRiT) will be just another link on the road of the document and orders (ORDERS) will be automatically forwarded to the EDI solution that the vendor is using. From there, they will be loaded into the information system of the vendor as other received EDI orders.

Processing of PDF orders from Kaufland via EDI

The service is currently fully prepared for vendors of Kaufland but in case of interest, it may be used also for other customers (and other formats).


Kaufland sends orders by fax or e-mail (on request) in PDF. Conversion of orders using ORiON is possible for those arriving by electronic mail and does not depend on any steps taken by Kaufland Czech Republic, u.p. All customers of ORiON EDI may, therefore, start using this service immediately, thus save themselves the job and get rid of errors that arise during manual rewriting into an enterprise system.

Advantages of PDF2EDI service

How the service works

In the email box where customer sends their PDF orders to vendor to, a rule is set which automatically forwards these messages to ORiON. Firstly, it “extracts” only the header of the PDF attachment to differentiate whether it is a standard order or the so-called “change order” (change orders are used by Kaufland). In the former case, “extraction” of the document continues and based on the extracted data, it creates an EDI message ORDERS which is sent to the information system of the vendor as any other EDI order. Changes in orders in the original form are sent to operators for further processing.

How to start with PDF2EDI?

Simply complete the form. We will be happy to provide you with more information and a non-binding offer.