ORiON Logistics portal

A simple and transparent web portal that allows a provider of logistics services to unite the whole interchange of business and logistics documents with business partners thanks to EDI. The partners don't need any complex and expensive software but can use a transparent web application.

It will make more transparent and quicker these logistics processes: 

The biggest benefits of ORiON Logistics portal

Portal for customers

A simple application that doesn't require being implemented into the information system of the customer. All the documents are in one place and in a structured format.

Archiving of documents

Trustworthy archiving of all documents in accordance with the current legislation.

Elimination of errors

Errors made by manual rewriting are eliminated. Further specifying and speeding up of processes will also be enabled by automatic notification about differences in documents.

Immediate time saving

Owing to automatic transfer of documents into an information system (ERP), administrative activities, connected to manual rewriting and control of documents, are eliminated.

Other benefits:

How does a customer/supplier use ORiON Logistics portal?

If a customer wants to send their goods to a purchaser (whether from their own warehouse or from a warehouse of their logistics partner), they create an order to send goods. If they use EDI communication, they just simply send it from their information system (ERP).  

Creating of delivery despatch with SSCC code

If they do not use EDI, they fill out a corresponding form on a web portal which is available from anywhere and where they can also upload the data using Excel or export from their system. ORiON then checks accuracy and completeness of the order. If the goods are in their warehouse, they can divide them into palettes and the system will directly suggest logistics labels with unique SSCC codes, which they can simply print out, stick on the palettes and then send the goods. 

The customer has an overview of the whole logistics process thanks to notifications option (e.g. that the goods have been dispatched/delivered). It is even possible to get overviews and inventory levels on the buyer's side.

How does a logistics services provider use ORiON Logistics portal?

The logistics provider receives an order to send goods from the customer through EDI communication. Thanks to EDI, the data is automatically loaded into the information system of the logistics provider. Manual rewriting from different types of documents and formats or tables is eliminated. The system also automatically checks differences in documents and thus facilitates solving of potential differences.

Receipt of goods from the customer can be several times faster thanks to easier loading of palette labels with SSCC codes using scanner. They already have all the necessary information in the system thanks to EDI and know what needs to be done with the goods. 

Modern warehouseConsequently, they create documents in their information system as usual. All the necessary details are already in the system thanks to EDI, therefore really only a few clicks are necessary. All the messages sent to the customer afterwards (invoices, advice notes) are again transmitted electronically. 

The solution uses interconnection with a platform ORiON and represents most flexible technology with low purchase and operational costs, which can be deployed without problems in the global environment of today's business. ORiON Logistics portal can be purchased in the form of service without high initial costs, without worrying about its administration and with the guarantee of fast and smooth putting into operation.

Easy implementation of the solution

  • ORiON Logistics portal service can be instantly put into operation in the EDI ORiON for logistics solution
  • Customer only needs a common web browser to use ORiON Logistics portal – they don't have any fixed costs of connecting to the service
  • Solution in the form of service (Software as a Service, SaaS) – you don't buy any hardware or software



  • Message encryption, electronic signature
  • Tested technology ORACLE
  • ISO 27001 – Certificate of information management security