EDI for logistics

ORiON EDI solution for logistics is a complete specialised solution for comprehensive electronic data interchange (EDI/B2B) between logistics companies and their customers. With this advanced solution, the flow of documents related to logistics and other processes on both sides is realized only in electronic form and immediately without delays.

The solution relies on connection with the consolidation centre ORiON® and represents a maximally flexible technology with low purchasing and operating costs, which can be easily launched in today’s global business environment. ORiON EDI solution for logistics can be purchased as a service without high initial investment, without worry about its management and with a guarantee of a fast and smooth launch into operation. 

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Solution contributions for logistics

  • Absolute track of goods, improved warehouse monitoring
  • Better insight into business transactions and their current status
  • Improved customer service 
  • Overall improvement of transparency of operations, accurate instructions for handling of goods
  • Significant reduction of errors, set up of control system of transfers

Reduction of operations costs

  • Time saving and reduction of costs of distribution, processing and archiving of documents 
  • Elimination of unnecessary and costly administration for logistics processes

Involve quickly and easily all your customers in EDI communication: ORiON Logistics porta

EDI logistic portal

Simple and systematic web portal that enables logistics service providers to unify all exchange of business and logistics documents with trading partners through EDI.

They do not require any complex and expensive software but can make use of a user-friendly web application.

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Specialized solution for B2B communication in logistics

The solution is tailored to a logistics segment and covers a number of specific features that reflect the functioning of a logistics company. Simplification and automation is achieved primarily in the following logistics processes:

Easy implementation of the solution

We have experience in integrating EDI to ERP systems