Electronic invoicing:
100% of invoices electronically

ORiON e-Invoicing enables to issue and receive invoices electronically in PDF and other formats in bulk via email. With this service you can process and archive your invoices in electronic form in accordance with legislation, thus saving time needed for their manual processing.

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What ORION e-Invoicing can help with

How electronic invoicing works with help of ORION solution 

You issue invoices in an information system as usual. On the basis of these documents, ORION® then automatically generates tax-compliant documents, signs them electronically and automatically sends them to an email addresses of invoice receivers. 

On the other hand, ORION e-Invoicing enables processing and archiving of invoices from your email address, entirely in an electronic format without the need to print them.

The service includes reliable archiving, therefore, you do not need to work with paper form of an invoice at all. 

Easy interconnection with an existing system 

ORION e-Invoicing service can be easily integrated directly into your existing company system. We have established connections with more than 100 different information and accounting systems.

Secure depository for tax documents 

Forget tracing invoices in dusty folders. For managing, viewing and filtering of electronic invoices a secure and credible archive of documents is available; it is located in a highly secure data centre protected by the latest technologies. How we take care of security of data entrusted by our customers can be seen by following this link.

PDF, ISDOC, IDOC, CSV, XML – invoices in any format 

You can invoice not only in PDF, but in any chosen format. ORION® enables document conversion between various formats and allows to combine them in different ways. This means that you can upload received invoices directly into the company system (accounting, ERP system) in a data form. Time is thus saved not only when issuing but also when receiving invoices.

What can ORION e-Invoicing do 

We have experience in integrating EDI to ERP systems