Alza has opened up a new logistics centre Zdiby

25. June 2018

Due to the constant growth as the number one player on the Internet market in Czech Republic and Slovakia, Alza will be opening another logistics centre on 2 July 2018. It will be located in Klecany to the north of Prague. The current logistics centres remain preserved. The logistics centre Zdiby will serve to meet the needs of customers of Alza in Czech Republic and other European countries where the e-shop operates, except for Slovak Republic and Hungary which will continue to be served by the Logistics centre in Senec.

Information for the logistics of suppliers

Suppliers will always receive separate orders according to the place of delivery and will deliver goods to these warehouses in accordance with the agreed terms.

Overview of current logistics centres in Czech Republic: 

  • VGP Park Horní Počernice, Do Čertous 2759/4, 193 00  Praha 9
  • Park Prologis Úžice, Úžice 267, 277 45
  • (New LC) BPO hala Zdiby – Alza a.s., Zdibsko 615, Klecany  250 67

Overview of current logistics centres in Slovakia: 

  • Goodman Senec Logistics Centre, Dálniční cesta 18, 903 01  Senec

The time slots for deliveries of goods will be available for booking at, from 25 June 2018 under the existing login information.

Information for invoicing

Suppliers will always issue an invoice to this address: a.s.

Jankovcova 1522/53

170 00  Praha 7 – Holešovice

Česká republika

Reg.No.: 27082440

VAT Reg. No. is governed by the place of delivery of goods, i.e. for deliveries into a Czech warehouse it will be VAT Reg. No.: CZ27082440, for deliveries into the Slovak warehouse it will be VAT Reg. No.: SK4020121402.

GLN of the place of delivery is 8594177950135. This number needs to be recorded in supplier systems as one of warehouses of Alza.

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