Electronic Data Interchange – EDI

  • accessible, fast and easy interchange of electronic documents
  • easy interconnection with enterprise system = without manual rewriting of documents and without errors
  • including archiving or the possibility of preferential financing of invoices

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ORiON EDI – Get rid of unnecessary document work

ORiON EDI is a system for electronic document interchange (EDI) such as orders, invoices, despatch advices, price lists, product catalogues, inventory levels, logistics documents and others. It is a solution provided as a service that is used for paperless processing of both purchase and sales through the interchange of structured documents in electronic form. Unlike, for example, PDF invoices sent by email, this type of communication is easily traceable, secure and data transfer between systems works completely automatically without having to rewrite it manually. It represents a flexible communication technology that can be used by both large multinationals and small local manufacturers or even logistics service providers (LSPs).

In addition to the connection to the information system, it is also possible to use a web application for working with documents, which enables the operation of EDI even for those companies for which the implementation into the system for any reason is unsatisfactory or for those that do not even have any information system.

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More about how ORiON EDI works

ORiON EDI fulfils two basic roles in the area of electronic communication. The role of the interpreter, whereby it translates messages; and the role of postman whereby it then manages distribution of messages between business partners. In ORiON application, you can also easily and systematically manage and archive all electronic business and logistics documents, records of transactions and events.

Translation of messages

Distribution of messages 

You interchange more than 20 documents monthly with your partners


In this case, electronic documents are interchanged directly with the enterprise system, operators work with documents directly inside it, as they are used to and there is no need to manually rewrite them. This significantly reduces the workload of operators and minimizes errors that may result from manual rewriting. The condition is an “EDI-bridge” (a plug-in) that will enable the information system to connect to the EDI provider.

The information systems used in Czech Republic and also in Slovakia are mostly ready for EDI. ORiON EDI has so far solved connection to more than 150 of them.

You interchange less than 20 documents monthly with your partners


WebEDI represents the easiest and fastest way for the vendor to put electronic data interchange (EDI) into operation and thus meet the customer requirement. This solution is suitable for those vendors that send only units of documents monthly. All the work with electronic documents takes place in the web application without any connection to the enterprise system. The disadvantage is partly manual work with documents.

How working with the application looks like is shown in this video