iNVOiCE FLOW: 100 % of received invoices into your system

We will make it easier for you to work with the recording of received invoices, their creation, check and approval. Thanks to automation, you will get rid of manual rewriting, paper and errors. Approved invoices will be imported into your accounting system and incorporated into the trustworthy electronic archive where they will be easy to find from anywhere.

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How iNVOiCE FLOW works

Are you an accounting office and want to automate document processing for your clients?

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Save 80 % of time when processing received invoices

  • extraction of data from received invoices
  • interface for data check and acquisition
  • automatic processing of documents from email inbox

Speed up approval of invoices from days to minutes

  • electronic approval workflow
  • email notifications with hyperlink to invoice preview
  • responsive web applications for approval

Simplify posting of received invoices and their archiving

  • import of invoices into accounting system
  • easily accessible posting materials
  • electronic archive in accordance with legislation

Get an instant overview of liabilities balance

  • the current state of liabilities report always available
  • maturity date monitoring
  • capital appreciation in liabilities using additional services

OCR systems are obsolete – process documents more effectively

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a method used over 2 decades that allows to get rid of manual rewriting of data from various types of documents into electronic form. In some cases, its usage is still justified but in the case of processing received invoices, OCR systems are difficult to maintain, inaccurate and thus also costly due to the high variability of formats of incoming tax documents.

A new generation of tools enabling automation of document processing uses artificial intelligence to extract data, which can find matching entries in documents (such as VAT date) without the need to set rules and templates for each new document format (e.g. when the vendor changes the invoice template)

Automated solutions, such as iNVOiCE FLOW, can refine, accelerate and significantly reduce the costs of the whole process of document processing.

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Why process received invoices with the service iNVOiCE FLOW?

One solution for the whole process of invoice receipt

Thanks to iNVOiCE FLOW, you acquire, record and check received invoices automatically. Thanks to electronic workflow, you will shorten invoice approval from days to minutes. Then, you will import them automatically into your information system without manual rewriting and errors and also archive them securely during the statutory period.

100 % of received documents digitized

Invoices in envelopes, sent by fax, as PDF email attachments, in structured format (EDI, XML, IDOC, ISDOC, etc.) or even taken on the phone, all of that can iNVOiCE FLOW automatically convert into electronic form and thus obtain the required data. We have more than fifteen years of experience with document digitization.

User friendliness

Invoice preview together with a well-arranged environment for adding required data is a priority for customers during the whole process of invoice receipt. Easy invoice acquisition and their approval from anywhere are enabled by a web application that customers can use upon logging in on their computer, tablet and also mobile phone.

Simplification of internal communication

Users are provided with email notifications with a hyperlink directly to the invoice details, comments in application and searching across a range of parameters. The documents are easily forwarded to approvers based on defined rules. It is also possible to complement the invoices with related attachments for easier recognition of the validity of billing.

Experience with connecting to more than 150 information systems

Easy connectivity represents a dependency constraint on the main accounting system of the company. If you already have a data import/export from the system, we can make the most of it. We’ve got experience with more than 150 information systems in Czech Republic and also in Slovakia.

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Without upgrades, without licenses, as a service

The platform ORiON, on which the solution iNVOiCE FLOW runs, is a service that is being used monthly by thousands of companies for transmission and processing of documents. It is operated in a network of secure data centres without any demands on the customer’s ICT infrastructure. It is adjusted to the processes of the customer and their corporate environment by customization.

Other services of the ORiON platform

ORiON has a range of smart services that can be used to streamline other business and logistics processes in the company. Digitization of documents can be, for example, extended also to issued invoices and thus, you will get rid of paper invoices completely. Appreciation of working capital tied in received invoices is possible due to our cooperation with Payment institution Roger a.s. and many other interesting services are available, which can easily extend the solution.