Don‘t wait for invoices, approve orders directly instead

We will help you put your company purchases in order once and for all. The Orders module will simplify the whole process, make it easier for you to get an overview of existing orders as well as budget spending, and enable you to set up an order approval workflow.

And if you integrate it into iNVOiCE FLOW, you will get the option of pairing orders with received invoices, automatically finding the differences between them and thus saving time during the approval process.

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How does digital order approval work?

The module can also be used independently, but it will be the most beneficial to you when used in conjunction with iNVOiCE FLOW – a cloud service which helps companies automate their processing of received invoices.

  1. You will create an order in the system.
  2. Each order is tied to a specific budget, which can be allocated to various categories/centers/departments based on your needs. This instantly gives you an overview of how much money you have left.
  3. The order goes through the approval workflow and, if it has been approved, is automatically sent to the supplier.
  4. The supplier fulfills the goods or services required and sends you an invoice.
  5. iNVOiCE FLOW exports the invoice and, once all data has been validated, pairs it with the order
  6. If the amounts match or are within the accepted margin of error, the received invoice is directly approved and doesn‘t have to go through the entire approval process again.

The solution is a great fit for companies that want to gain...

An overview of orders and budgets

  • All orders are neatly organized in one place, no need to search for them in e-mails.
  • Each order is tied to a specific budget, which makes it easy to check its status and spending.

Control thanks to an approval workflow

  • Orders go through an approval workflow, which can be customized based on your needs.
  • Avoiding useless or overpriced overhead expenses.

Automatické odeslání dodavateli

Automatic sending to the supplier

  • After the order has been created, a PDF template is auto-generated.
  • As soon as the order has been approved, it is immediately sent to the corresponding approver.

Párování objednávek a faktur

Pairing orders with invoices

  • If the received invoice matches the dispatched order, there is no need for it to go through the approval workflow again and it is automatically approved.
  • The pairing of invoices with the original orders will help strenghten the audit trail of your documents.

Get inspired by how they decided to go about the electronic approval  of orders at Parfumerie Douglas.

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