EDI for vendors

Get rid of errors and manual rewriting

ORiON EDI is a cloud solution for electronic interchange and management of documents such as orders, despatch advices, invoices and many others. Any vendor can use it to interchange these documents electronically in structured form using highly secure communication channels that enable overview of the state of the documents. Without paper and without laborious and error-prone manual rewriting into their own system.

When the vendor starts interchanging documents with their business partner electronically (using EDI), they can easily and with minimum costs extend this type of communication also to all other customers that use EDI. In the Czech Republic and also in Slovakia, EDI communication is used by most of the largest trading companies in the FMCG segment as well as in other fields such as hobby markets, building material shops, e-shops, consumer electronics, pharmacy and others.

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ORION EDI is a partner of companies of all sizes and any technological level.

It is advisable to choose the suitable solution based on the volume of documents that you interchange monthly with your "EDI-ready" business partners.

Are you a smaller vendor without technological IT background, without your own information system that, for example, outsources its accounting to an external company or are you just unsure whether EDI will pay off?

You  can use a simple web application, the so-called webEDI, for which you only need a web browser. For instance, you will, thus, meet the customer requirement to implement EDI communication with minimum purchase costs and almost instantly.

Are you a large manufacturer or a wholesaler with a complex ERP system and a complex structure of business and logistics processes?

We will help you integrate ORION EDI directly into the system (we have experience with more than 150 domestic and foreign systems), connect your customers, train your employees in detail and all that quickly, without high costs.

It is not a coincidence that this service is trusted by more than 1,500 companies. According to a survey, 96% of these customers stated that they would recommend the ORION EDI solution to others. 

Main benefits of ORiON EDI for vendors

I want a non-binding consultation

4 steps to launch EDI communication

1st step: Consultation of suitable solution with EDI provider

It is ideal to discuss your current situation with an expert and find out what your options are, how prepared you are for different options, what their costs are, and so on.

Sometimes it is necessary to meet some conditions that most vendors already meet to run EDI communication, and with which we can also help you or at least direct you. For example, ownership of a GLN code or a valid electronic signature.

2nd step: Implementation of EDI into enterprise information systems

This step is usually not used by smaller vendors for which webEDI is more appropriate and affordable for various reasons.

In cooperation with the ERP integrator (enterprise information system) it is necessary to ensure the necessary modifications, settings and connection of EDI communication so that in the future, the operator can work with documents directly in their information systems, as they are used to.

Above all, it is necessary to prepare the so-called inhouse formats of individual documents for output and input into the information system.

In principle, any enterprise information system can be connected to EDI communication. ORION EDI has currently implemented a connection with more than 150 domestic and foreign systems (including individual systems of individual vendors). The most common can be fund here.

3rd step: Testing and test operation

This phase lasts about a month.

It starts with creating verification messages that we will check for their correctness and completeness, both at the input into and at the output from the information system.

This is followed by a test operation when documents flow between partners both in structured form electronically and through the existing process in paper or by email as PDF attachment. If everything works as it should, the test operation ends.

4th step: Full launch of EDI communication

The original channel for interchange of business and logistics documents is “cut-off” and the company starts using only transmission of structured electronic documents.

You can also add new customers or remove those you no longer do business with at any time. Currently, EDI communication is used by most of the largest players on the FMCG market and quickly penetrates into other industries such as e-shops, pharmaceutical wholesalers, hobby markets, etc.

We have experience in integrating EDI to ERP systems

How does the ORiON EDI work?

No worry about correct formats

ORiON EDI enables to use traditional global methods of EDI communication on international standards UN/EDIFACT, EANCOM. It is a technologically advanced, innovative solution for comprehensive EDI services, available both to small producers and entrepreneurs, as well as large producers and retail chains. Furthermore, it supports all formats of electronic communication used on the market, such as GS1 XML ISDOC, IDOC and similar. You do not need to worry about formats of documents anymore.

Automation and acceleration of processes

Connection of EDI communication to business processes is ensured not only by means of standard solutions of ORION® services, but also by so-called smart assistants. Assistants provide further added value, and thanks to them, ORION EDI represents a solution that really thinks on your behalf.

Conveniently, as a service

ORiON EDI has minimal requirements on the capacity of a company's existing equipment or maintenance and operation from the client side. It requires no initial investment into new hardware or software, because it is primarily a service for comprehensive management of electronic data interchange. You can save by avoiding significant one-off investments, and also get a cheaper, and more importantly, more efficient and reliable service operation.

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