EDI communication with Alza.cz 

On this page, you will find information, relating to electronic document interchange with Alza.cz a.s. The transfer of documents takes place in structured data format via electronic data interchange – the so-called EDI communication. Automation of document processing with the help of EDI is key to Alza and is one of the necessary conditions for functional cooperation. 

Hearing about EDI communication for the first time? Here you will find more details about what EDI communication is.  


To start EDI communication with Alza.cz, it is necessary to fill in a registration form below. Alternatively, you may download it and send it completed by e-mail to alza.orion@grit.eu or by fax to 597 071 010


Contacts for vendors of Alza.cz

The provider of the services of EDI communication for Alza.cz is GRiT that provides comprehensive service, including connecting of vendors.  

Customer support of GRiT

Email: alza.orion@grit.eu

Phone: +420 553 610 317

Registration to start EDI communication

To start EDI communication with Alza.cz, at first fill in the form below. Afterwards, we will contact you with further steps.

Basic information
Contact details of the responsible representatives
Have you already implemented EDI in you company?
The following part of the questionnaire should be filled in only in case, you have already implemented an EDI solution.
Contact details for persons responsible for EDI
GLN (EAN) code is an identification number, assigned by GS1 Czech Republic. If you label your goods with EAN codes, you already have this number. In some rare cases it is not necessary to ask for an EAN code.
Current provider of your EDI solution
Specify the date from which you will be able to send or receive the following EDI messages:
The date you will be able to receive orders through EDI
Choose, in which way will you acknowledge orders?
1. CONTRL (Syntax and Service Report) – Recipient of EDI messages uses CONTRL to inform sender about receiving a shipment (Interchange) and its syntactical correctness. By message CONTRL, the recipient confirms or rejects the received shipment, message or a functional group of messages.
2. APERAK (Application error and acknowledgement message) – Acknowledgement of receiving EDI message by the buyer's information system. Message APERAK is sent by the buyer to the seller as a response to receiving an EDI message. The message informs about successful processing or about an error during processing of EDI message by the buyer's information system.
The date you will be able to send invoices through EDI
The date you will be able to send credit memos through EDI
The date you will be able to send delivery notes through EDI
Are you ready to use electronic signature for invoices and credit memos?

Additional questions – specify, please, if and from when you are ready for the following
Message INVOIC: including registration and copyright fees

Message DESADV: including identification of a pallet using SSCC codes 1)

Message DESADV: including serial numbers

Message ORDERS: copying prices of products from an order

1) SSCC – Serial Shipping Container Code: serial code of logistics unit.
Place for your message, note or suggestion:
all fields must be filled in