iNVOiCE FLOW: Automated Processing of Received Invoices for Accounting Agencies

We will make the processing of received invoices easier for both you and your customers – making it simple, paperless and free of unnecessary manual work.  iNVOiCE FLOW will not only help you with obtaining and registering received invoices, but will also reliably extract important data from them, import them into your accounting system and subsequently archive them. So, both you and your customers can be sure to be 100% in control of your invoices.

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How iNVOiCE FLOW Helps Acocunting Agencies

  1. Posting import/export to ERP Our robot automatically retrieves documents from your customers or directly from their suppliers from the e-mail box.
  2. In iNVOiCE FLOW, artificial intelligence takes care of data extraction. It can handle both invoices and receipts. 
  3. If documents are delivered into the system directly from the supplier without being approved by the customer, it is possible to set up an approval workflow on the side of the customer at this stage of the processing.
  4. After being checked and approved, the invoice is imported into the ERP for posting and stored in a digital archive.

You can benefit from accounting automation whether you are an accounting firm or one of its customers.

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Benefits for Accounting Agencies:

  • Documents are delivered digitally to your e-mail box. It is no longer necessary to search for them on various storage media or in boxes.
  • Data extraction frees up your accountants‘ time for qualified work and results in fewer worries related to manual data re-entry. They will have no trouble dealing with increased volume of processed documents at peak times.
  • iNVOiCE FLOW can handle two-way integration with an ERP system and as such can also exctract data from it – for example the internal number of an invoice.
  • More customers don‘t automatically equal more staff members.
  • As accounting automation is less labor intensive, you can offer your customers a lower price for document processing.

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Benefits for Customers:

  • It eliminates the processing of paper documents.
  • Invoices are forwarded to the accounting firm automatically; there is no need to search for them or sort them.
  • Ability to keep track of documents and search for them using advanced filters.
  • All invoices are saved in a digital archive for the duration of the period prescribed by law and don‘t need to be stored in paper format in files.
  • iNVOiCE FLOW can add attachments to documents and subsequently also archive them.
  • In the archive, documents are stored along with their time stamps, which ensures their immutability and thus increases the credibility of the audit trail.

More About iNVOiCE FLOW 

No Licenses, No Upgrades, Available As a Service 

We offer the iNVOiCE FLOW solution in the form of a cloud service (SaaS). This makes the implementation process fast without requiring you to invest in expensive hardware or licenses. Everything is online, so you can access your invoices from any place with internet connection. Using remote updates, we make sure that you always have the latest version of the system at your disposal. Our server is stored in a secure data center which regularly undergoes penetration testing and the data stored in it is automatically backed up. In addition, we are certified to ISO 27001 – Information Security Management.

Connection to over 150 Information Systems

It doesn‘t matter what type of accounting system you are using. We have experience with integrating over 150 information systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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