Microsoft Azure: security and performance as a service

Microsoft Azure is a secure storage for your data and applications which allows to use HW and SW infrastructure without worrying about their management in the form of service. And not just that.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive platform for cloud solutions. It helps to create, deploy, scale up and manage applications quickly and thus adapt fully to your activities. It’s not necessary to invest into your own infrastructure, you only pay for what you are using.

Are you thinking about moving any part of the performance of your IT outside your local network? In this respect, Microsoft Azure will fully adapt for you – you can extend it, scale it down or completely turn it off anytime.

What does Microsoft Azure bring?

Did you know that...?

No law requires that you data be on the Czech territory. Your data can be stored in top data centres in the Netherlands or Ireland with a guaranteed security level and availability. The security is a very strong, yet not the only reason to choose Azure.

Microsoft Azure supports the widest range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. You can also use it in the case of information systems based on IBM, Oracle, SAP and other technologies.

A cloud that you can trust

Are you hesitating whether to invest yourself into new disks and ensuring their security? Some organisations understand the savings connected with outsourcing of storing of their data, yet they approach cloud carefully.

When using Microsoft Azure, you own all your data. You’ve got access to them continuously and without any constraints without help from anybody from Microsoft.

On top of that, Microsoft bears the liability of top security and privacy of your data. It was also the first bigger cloud provider to receive a new international norm ISO 27018 regarding privacy in cloud.

Are you interested in cloud solution?

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