We are experts in automating the flow of documents, goods and money

We save time and money of larger as well as smaller companies

Thanks to our solutions, you can interchange documents with your vendors and customers electronically (EDI), reduce the time needed to process invoices by up to 80% and simplify stocking or picking goods in such a way that you will manage much more work in the same number of people.

Our systems minimize the ratio of manual work and automate business processes.

You can use each of our services separately – however, they will bring you the most benefit if you bring them together. They will create a network around your business that will ensure that documents, money, and goods automatically circulate your business, require minimal manual control, and that you always have an overview of their movement.

Low investment thanks to cloud

All our solutions are in the cloud. Thus, you don’t need your own server or a lot of money at the beginning – you only pay a reasonable monthly fee for the service.

The advantage is the customizability – if you have a peak in December, you can easily buy more licenses for part-time workers and then deactivate them in January. When the system no longer suits you, you will simply stop using it – without costing you millions.

Moreover, data in the cloud are perfectly secure. We are holders of ISO 27001 Information Security Certification and IT technicians of our largest customers regularly attack the servers to verify their security. We always resist.

Peace of mind for one’s own work

„We do not even know about you, that’s great!“ This is the most common reaction of our clients after a couple of months of collaboration – our solutions are so intuitive and reliable that they work with them from day one as if they had been using them for years. They don't come to you with constant questions, all processes work and you have peace of mind for your own work.

If you still need something, just contact the customer service line. The advantage is that you will not get through to somewhere abroad but to Brno or Opava where a Czech specialist will advise you. Regular surveys among our more than 2000 customers show that 97% of them are satisfied with the services and the customer care.

What are we like? Tough and innovative

We are a Czech company that has grown under the name CCV Information systems. In 1992, we started in a small office in Brno, nowadays, we have customers like Alza, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Henkel, Pro-Doma and eD´ system. To get to where we are today, we have needed a lot of toughness. When we were changing the name in 2019, we chose the name Grit that represents this characteristic in the English language.

Our logo represents an amoeba – an animal with variable body shape. That’s what we are. We can adapt to every environment and we enjoy improvements and innovations.

Decades of experience

We have developed into the EDI leader on the Czech market and a leading supplier of warehouse systems (WMS) and cloud services. We have managed IT projects in thousands of companies and we know the best practices including differences in individual segments.

We will advise you how best to set up the flow of documents, money and goods in your company to save time and money.

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