Social responsibility

To us enterpreneurship is not just about being the best at what we do,but also about our social and ecological resposibilities to general public, in whose environment we operate. We feel the long-term responsibility and understand it also as a space for creative expression of our company values. 

We play fair and on top of our game

The principle of fair business and proper behaviour towards our business partners as well as our employees underpin our modus operandi. We build on high proficiency. Our literally sportsmanlike zeal always leads us to provide our customers with the best solution. Ceaseless effort and correct instinct always leading us towards the right goals are intrinsic credentials of our company. Those values are also reflected in our sponsorhip strategies in two major domains – in sports and education.

We believe that together we can positively change the social environment and thus create favourable conditions for pleasant and fulfilling life.

We support youth and education

In the domain of youth and education we are approaching the foreground of active cooperation on students' educational projects of the SOŠV in Valtice (Higher Winegrowing and Viticulture School in Valtice), where under the supervision of our tutors we carry out a training programme about electronic verification of grapes origin, pesticide audit or decleration submission to specialized registries. We believe that those skills will be beneficial to the students in their future career and will help the development of the whole wineproducing industry, which constitutes an important part of our business portfolio.

We support sport and sport club activities

We support primarily performance based sport activities as an important factor influencing the level of living in the home regions of our offices. We also support the team of synchronized swimming of the Sports Club of Palacky's University in Olomouc, which has been lately achieving exceptional results and belongs to one of the most successful teams in the Czech Republic. Intensive esprit-de-corps of our company is also reflected in our support of other sport activities such as golf, tenis, ball games or motor sports as well as in our support of the activity of the volunteer firefighters organization.